Multi Media at a Funeral

Pictures, Videos and Audio at a Funeral

It is fairly common practice to display pictures of the deceased at a funeral. This is common whether there is an open or closed casket. Normally one large photo (8X10 or larger) will be placed near the casket whether it is open or closed. As well as this picture you might choose to display other pictures of the deceased either in a digital format or by making a collage of images of the deceased on a heavy cardboard or in a digital picture frame. Pictures displayed at the funeral should contain only the deceased with the exception of pictures of the deceased with his or her spouse at the time of their passing. This is not the time to display pictures of the deceased’s previous spouses unless of course they also contain his or her children, and if the family is at peace with the previous spouse.

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If the funeral home of your choice has the ability to display digital images you might have a technologically savvy family member put together a slideshow of digital images with short stories to match. Or just the traditional photo by the casket is also acceptable.

Playing music during the visitation is fairly common as well. You might choose to play your loved ones favorite album or maybe just a collection of songs that will help to raise the spirits of the funerals attendees. It is normally good practice to turn off any music during the actual service or readings to ensure everyone can hear the speakers.

Whether or not to display pictures or play music or video is really up to you and the abilities of your selected funeral home. When selecting music you should try to keep it light and moderately cheerful. Playing music that make people feel depressed will not help them to feel any better, while playing loud rock and roll type music can make some of the funerals attendees uncomfortable.