Extra Funeral Services Available

Optional Funeral Services

Depending on the availability at the funeral home you selected there might be the possibility of some extras that you might want to take advantage of. Some of these extras are available for an extra fee while some are included but only provided by special request. You might be interested in services such as audio taping the service including eulogies and any religious readings you may have selected, you may choose to have the funeral home take care of any printed materials you wish to give to the funerals attendees to keep for nostalgic purposes, you might also wish to attend some informational sessions on managing grief and loss. Keep in mind not all services are available in all funeral homes, but if they are not available at the funeral home directly the Funeral Director might know where to find such services.

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Special requests for audio taped eulogies and services are popular amongst families of people who passed away at a considerably old age. These services are normally requested when attendees such as the spouse or parents of the deceased are not likely to remember who spoke, and what was said. This can assist in the healing process for very close family members and those who simply wish to review the service.

Often the funeral home can take care of printing written memorial cards for the funeral as well. When making pre arrangements for the funeral you will be asked a series of questions about the deceased to assist the Funeral Director in preparing the obituary for the newspaper. The same information can be shortened and added to a memorial card to be given out at the visitation. These memorial cards often include personal information about the deceased including loved ones who are predeceased or those who were left behind. More often than not a picture is included on the memorial cards. This might be the same picture from the obituary or a different one of your choice. In some less common cases the loved ones of the deceased might choose to include several pictures and a poem, or some other type of text on the card along with the obituary information. In these cases the card can be a considerable size. It is usually recommended to keep the card small enough to fit into a suit jacket pocket so people do not need to carry them in their hands for the duration of the service.

Some funeral homes may offer grief counseling for family members who are having a particularly hard time dealing with their loss. This is a more common request in cases where the deceased was quite young, but also when the deceased is older and left a spouse behind. In house grief counseling services are more common in family owned funeral homes where Funeral Services is what they family has done for several generations. In cases where in house grief counseling is not available the Funeral Directors will likely be able to call someone into the funeral home at your request, or they will at least be able to provide you with phone numbers or websites that you can visit on your own time.

In most cases the Funeral Director that you discuss the pre arrangements with will be the same Director that assists during the service, as well as prints any material for you. Your Funeral Director is here to help you and your family throughout the entire process. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance, or extra services. If there is anything the Funeral Directors can do for you they are normally more than happy to assist in your time of need.