Choosing Funeral Flowers

Sending Funeral Flowers

The type of flower and the type of arrangement along with the color of the flowers are all things that need to be carefully contemplated when choosing an arrangement. Things to think about are your relationship to the deceased, the age and personality of the deceased and the location to which you are sending the arrangement.

Send Funeral Flowers

The arrangement type is usually dependant on how close you are to the deceased. More often than not the largest arrangement is purchased by the spouse of the deceased and is a wide based arrangement of red roses. A ribbon in the departed’s favorite color is often included with the word Husband, or Wife respectively. This large arrangement is most often placed on top of the foot portion of an open casket or directly in the center of a closed casket. This arrangement is most recognizable by its informal name ‘casket cover’. In the event of a service being held for a child or young unmarried person, the casket cover would be selected by the surviving parents or guardians. Wreaths and stand alone arrangements can be purchased by anyone who knew the deceased. Often the employer or co-workers of the deceased will purchase a wreath. White lilies are a common choice when purchasing an arrangement for a child or young to mid-teen’s service. The color white denotes purity and innocence and is therefore a favorite of parents of young child victims. Carnations or appropriately colored roses in small arrangements are common when purchasing for an adult’s service with whom you were not intimate, or immediately related to. Distant cousins, as well as lifelong friends will often purchase small arrangements of brightly colored roses or carnations. Red roses are not off limits but are typically reserved for the spouse of the deceased.

If sending an arrangement to a funeral home or memorial service the type of arrangement you choose is extremely important because there may be limited space available to display arrangements. Funeral homes typically have ample space for flowers and other mementos such as collages or pictures of the deceased. Often funeral homes will also provide overnight cold storage for arrangements if the service will run over the course of several days. However if holding a memorial service at a church there is typically less space available for large arrangements so wreaths and crosses are usually more appropriate. When sending arrangements to the loved ones of the deceased at their home you might consider whether or not they will likely have a vase for a flower arrangement, or whether you should include one with your delivery.

Purchasing sympathy flowers for the surviving loved ones is far less restrictive than purchasing for the service itself. Often people who are not closely related will choose to send sympathy flowers or fruit baskets to the home of the surviving family members instead of, or in addition to purchasing flowers for the service. Flowers sent to the home of the family can be selected based solely on what the recipient would like with little regard for whether it will be a larger or smaller, or brighter arrangement than any other they might receive.

There are many things to consider when choosing the appropriate arrangement for this sad occasion. Take your time, in the end be sure to choose an arrangement that you can be happy with.